Other Writing

In addition to my work on the oral history book and the Antelope, I've been publishing work in other publications and websites. I am a regular contributor of Book Riot. Here are a selected few.

Book Riot articles: https://bookriot.com/author/elisa-shoenberger/

Not Without My Bowler Hat blog: https://notwithoutmybowlerhat.wordpress.com/

Puns, Regicide, and Snowball Fights: One Couple's Celebration of St. Valentine's Day (2/14/18) - LoveTV: https://lovetv.co/puns-regicide-snowball-fights-couples-celebration-valentines-day/

I, Stiltwalker (2/11/18) - OZY: http://www.ozy.com/true-story/i-stilt-walker/83263

Leaving Ukrainian Village (1/26/18) - The Billfold: https://www.thebillfold.com/2018/01/leaving-ukrainian-village/

Beyond the Gender Norm: Taking a Married Name (12/22/17) - LoveTV: https://lovetv.co/beyond-gender-norm-taking-married-name/

When You Say “I Do,” Does That Mean “I Do Take Your Name?” (10/5/17) - LoveTV: https://lovetv.co/when-you-say-i-do-does-that-mean-a-name-change-after-marriage/

A Single Pane of Glass (9/19/17) - City Creatures blog: https://www.humansandnature.org/a-single-pane-of-glass

Too Many PhDs (9/13/17) - The Reset: https://thereset.com/resetyour/too-many-phds/

The King of Michigan Avenue (5/9/17) - City Creatures blog: http://www.humansandnature.org/the-king-of-michigan-avenue

Hiking with Stonewall (5/1/17) - Sonderers: https://sonderers.com/spring-nature/hiking-with-stonewall

Life, Beyond Wedding Planning (6/9/17) - The Reset: https://thereset.com/punch-bowl/life-beyond-wedding-planning/

Dear Analyst for APRA Illinois: (3/15/16) - APRA Illinois: http://apraillinois.org/blog/3882421

Spikenzie Labs Dice Kit Part 1 (6/2014)- Chicago Electronic Distributors: https://chicagodist.com/blogs/news/14626537-spikenzielabs-dice-kit-part-1  

Spikenzie Labs Dice Kit Part 2 (6/2014) - Chicago Electronic Distributors: https://chicagodist.com/blogs/news/14675877-spikenzielabs-dice-kit-part-2

Great People Histories (5/2014) - Studs Terkel Festival at the University of Chicago: http://studs.uchicago.edu/great-people-histories/

St. NIcholas Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral - 3 Part series (7/5/11) - Our Urban Times: http://oururbantimes.com/faith/st-nicholas-ukrainian-catholic-cathedral-part-i