More Published Articles!

I'm happy to report that I've gotten six articles published this year. Three are for Book Riot, where I am a regular contributor. The other three are different publications with two new ones! Very thrilled to share this all with you.

Puns, Regicide, and Snowball Fights: One Couple's Celebration of St. Valentine's Day - - 2/14/18

I, Stiltwalker - OZY - 2/11/18

10 Cold War Books on Culture and Society - Book Riot - 2/9/18

Leaving Ukrainian Village - the Billfold - 1/26/18

Ode to My 2 Favorite Libraries: The British Library and the Newberry Library - Book Riot - 1/9/18

5 Chicago Comics by Women - Book Riot - 1/9/18

That's all for now!