Week 5

This week for 52 Films by Women, I watched Gayle Kirschbaum's A Dog's Life, a documentary about her relationship with her dog. It's an interesting documentary...Not quite what I expected after spending a weekend learning how to dogsled. (So many puppies). The basic premise of the documentary is that she is off to find a husband for herself and the dog. She does take us to some interesting places including a fancy dog spa that includes a pool. I can only imagine how my dog would react if we put hiim next to the water. There was also a pretty amusing scene when Gayle K. has a casting call for doubles for her Shih Tzu. Amazing to know that there are crazy dog owner divas out there.

The doc really finds it's heart towards the end. During the filming of the documentary, 911 happens and Gayle realizes the potential healing power of the dog. Chelsea becomes certified and they go to hospice and provide much needed comfort. That part of the film really moved me.

That's all for now!