New Recorder!

This past week I got a new recorder. It’s a Tascam DR-05. After the Vocalo Storytelling Workshop, it was clear that if I was serious about audio documentaries, I should upgrade my recorder. Just to give you all an idea about the difference, here’s a photo between my old recorder Athena and my new recorder Aiode. Just a tiny difference, no?



I will use both since Athena still works and it’s always good to have a backup. But I’m very excited to have this recorder. I’ve already played around with it, wandering through an empty church and I like what I hear. I’m much more sensitive to noise opportunities. Plus Third Coast International Audio Festival’s Short Docs competition is on right now. They are partnering with one of my favorite performance groups, Manual Cinema, this year. The general idea is to use the recorder like a camera. (And they have specific rules on their website). Very challenging. Still working out what I’ll do this year. So stay tuned for that.


Upcoming events: 

Meida Teresa McNeal and the rest of Honey Pot Performance are putting on Ma(s)king Her at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion on 4/14 to 4/16. For more information, check the website:

Other News:

This movie Signature Move: Life, Love and Lady Wrestling sounds like a great thing to support. 

Brief synopsis:

"Signature Move is an indie romantic comedy meets coming-of-age feature film about a Pakistani-Muslim-lesbian named Zaynab, who lives in Chicago taking care of her conservative-but-sweet TV-obsessed mother. A mother she keeps secrets from. The film is set in Chicago, because a Chicago summer is a beautiful time to fall in love. And Zaynab does fall in love with Alma (secret #1), a smart, bold Mexican woman with whom Zaynab connects across culture, food, AND WRESTLING because as Zaynab is learning professional-style wrestling (secret #2), Alma tells her that her grandmother used to be a Lucha Libre wrestler back in Mexico when she was young."

If you can, please support. It sounds like a wonderful movie. You can support it here:

That’s all for now!