Interview 58

It's been an exciting week! I completed the 58th interview last Tuesday with Petra Bachmaier of Luftwerk. Have you had a chance to check out solarise at the Garfield Conservatory? I highly recommend seeing it. They have several incredible installations inside and outside the facility. Portal is probably one of the most sublime pieces I've ever seen. solarise is up until the end of September 2016.

I know I've mentioned this before but one of my favorite writers and participants for this project, Lucy Knisley, is releasing a book in May. The trailer that she created is here:

I also checked out Nora Moore Lloyd's work at the Thompson Center. The week long exhibition on Native American art was really lovely. Congratulations to Nora!

Joyce Owens, painter and sculptor, will be showing some of her constructions at Gallery Guichard in Bronzeville and the Cultivator Gallery in Ravenswood this month.

That's all for now!