It's been a rough few weeks. Things didn't end up the way I was hoping political-wise. However, as a result of the election, I feel a stronger sense of urgency to work on this book and get these amazing interviews out in the world. These stories need to be told loudly and widely. 

I have some good news!  I've just completed 70 interviews. In November, I talked with Gladys Nilsson of the Hairy Who and with photomancer Danielle Tanimura. What amazing women! What fantastic interviews! I'm so lucky to have gotten to talk to both of them.

The interview portion of the project is now done. Yes, done. I know I've said this before but this is it. Now I focus on the transcribing and editing of the 70 interviews. I've made progress; I've got 7 interviews edited and various transcripts out and about. It's exhilarating to see this book take shape. It's alive! 

That's all for now!