Happy New Year!

It's been a few weeks since i've last posted. The great news is that I have completed 52 interviews by the year's end. I've been working on this project since July 2014 with the intention of only doing one interview a month. Clearly, that fell by the wayside.

I just want to reiterate how lucky I am for all the women who have taken the time to meet with me and share their thoughts and stories about their work and lives. People have been so generous with their time and sometimes their homes and studios. I already knew that Chicago was filled with amazing people but I'm so thankful to have it reaffirmed over and over again. Thank you to all the participants!

For those of you wondering about the timeline of the project, I am nearing the end of the interviews. I had originally thought that I would continue interviewing until June 30, 2016 but I don't want a 500 page book. Now, I envision stopping around 60 interviews. So yes, the research stage is near an end. Once I finish the interviews, I'll work on getting everything transcribed; I have some transcriptions completed. And then, the grand work of editing interviews for the book is next. 

So stay tuned!

Also this news about Sundance directors is exciting. Not 50% but the numbers are moving in the right direction.