Mellon Foundation's Report

Mellon Foundation released data from the First Comprehensive Survey of Diversity in American Art Museums. In the executive summary, the study showed: 

"Among its chief findings, the survey documented a significant movement toward gender equality in art museums.  Women now comprise some 60 percent of museum staffs, with a preponderance of women in the curatorial, conservation and education roles that can be a pipeline toward leadership positions. The survey found no such pipeline toward leadership among staff from historically underrepresented minorities.  Although 28 percent of museum staffs are from minority backgrounds, the great majority of these workers are concentrated in security, facilities, finance, and human resources jobs.  Among museum curators, conservators, educators and leaders, only 4 percent are African American and 3 percent Hispanic."

So museums definitely have some work to go to have representative boards and high level museum leadership. It's critical that the decision-makers be diverse in all sense of the words. 

Here's the article detailing more about the study and its findings:

I wanted to share this information with readers of this blog since I feel it is relevant to the project as a whole.

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