50 Interview Milestone

This week, I'm so happy to announce that I have completed my fiftieth and fifty-first interviews. Over 50 interviews! Wow. What an absolute pleasure. I talked with Olivia Block, sound artist, and Tomeka Reid, cellist and composer this week. I am so honored to have had the chance to talk to them.

I'm so amazed that I have gotten to talk to so many incredible women. I have gotten to explore the city a bit more seeing neighborhoods that I was not familiar with and revisiting old neighborhoods. I've talked to circus performers, a fashion designer, costume designer, painters, performance artists, and so many others who work in the broad spectrum of the arts. I've talked to a diverse crowd of people of different ethnicities, races, birthplaces, ages, and so much more. 

I thank every single of them for taking the time to meet with me and share their stories. I feel very lucky that I live in a city like Chicago with so many active artists in numerous fields. I'm super excited to start editing the book filled with so much talent and heart. Thank you. Thank you thank you. 


It's been a busy few weeks. Last weekend was the AAUW's Jane Addams Day at Hull House. It was my third year running the event You can read about how I got involved at my other blog here: http://wp.me/p44HaC-oW

Here is my summary of how the event went itself: http://wp.me/p44HaC-p9


As a final treat, Artnet published a list of "20 Emerging Female Artists to Keep on Your Radar." While the list is a bit NY centric, it's still rather neat. I can't wait to check out these women's work. Check the article out here: