Afterparty: A Community Guide for the Future

If you are someone who really loves Kickstarter and supporting artistic endevours, I have project for you. It's called Afterparty: A Community Guide for the Future, an artist's book with recipes by Anne Elizabeth Moore, culture critic, zinester, and participant of the project. There's only about 15 or so days left and the campaign has a ways to go.

A description of the project: "Afterparty: A Community Guide for the Future is an artist’s book project that plays on the edge of realism and the visionary. How do we survive the challenges that lie ahead when confronted with the epidemic of autoimmune disease? By melding together fiction and recipes through the medium of an artist’s book, we hope to challenge creative formats and investigate important issues creatively.

"Proposed is a 24-page (estimated page count) sculptural board book featuring recipes that accommodate the heightened food sensitivities that often come with autoimmune disease. Embedded within the cookbook will be a smaller book featuring Anne Elizabeth Moore’s first published work of science fiction. The package is intended to act as a welcoming guidebook to our collective imperfect future."

I think this is a really interesting project tackling an uncommon problem and I want to see it supported and published. Putting money where my mouth is.

Find out more here:

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