The Oral Historian

My name is Elisa Shoenberger. I’m an academic out of academia. I received a BA in Latin American history from the University of Chicago, a MA in Latin American Studies from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and an MBA in Marketing and Operations Management from Loyola University Chicago. I studied abroad in London, UK and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

During the day, I work in fundraising. At night, I am a freelancer writer based in Chicago. I have been published in the Ozy, Billfold, Love TV, the Reset, City Creatures blog for the Center for Humans and Nature, and Sonderers. I am also a regular contributor to Book Riot.

In addition to my writing, I have numerous research projects that I have presented in local, national, and even international locales. Talks include research on artifacts and buildings in London, Cuban poster propaganda, and more. In my spare time, I am learning how to play jazz on my alto saxophone.  I love running around Chicago and taking in as much of the cultural offerings that I can. I love this city.

I also write a blog about travel, culture and Chicago called Not Without My Bowler Hat: https://notwithoutmybowlerhat.wordpress.com/

I am also the co-editor and co-founder of the Antelope Magazine: A Journal of Oral History and Mayhem. Check it out today: https://antelopemagazine.com/

Check me out on Twitter: @vogontroubadour

Questions? Comments? Contact me  at:  itwillkeepyourheartalive@gmail.com

Project Name

The project name It Will Keep the Heart Alive was coined by Jamie O'Reilly in my interview with her. It had the perfect tone for the series. You can read more about Jamie O'Reilly and her work here: http://www.jamieoreilly.com/

Or you can read her thoughts on the title here: http://www.jamieoreilly.com/a-day-in-the-life/

Logo Designer

Header logo: Dan Carroll is an editor and freelance cartoonist based in Chicago. His comic work can be seen at http://www.herecomesyourdan.com. For editing or design work, he can be reached at dan@stickfigurehamlet.com.

Not Without Your Bowler Hat Logo: Nina D'Angier, also a participant of the project. You can connect with her on Instagram (@ninadngr).

Special Thanks to:

Carron Little, Jamie O'Reilly, Melissa Potter, Linda Garcia Merchant,  Paul Durica, Maria Gaspar, Nora Lloyd Moore, Nancy Freeman, Marta Nicholas, Heather Dumdei, Anne Elizabeth Moore, and many more for helping me with this project!